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Developed and designed by the lovely Alice of AVMSART in partnership with ourselves to truly showcase our lovely village and its history.

We paid particular attention to ensure that we could include as many of the unique landmarks of the village including the; alms houses, school, church, preaching stone, conker field & spinney, the pack horse bridge, the ridge and furrow in the conker field, the old convent, Manor Farm, the railway, village hall and play parks, village green, The Wheel, The Horse & Groom, Rearsby house, the grange and more. 

We will have the original in pride of place at the tearoom and have A3 prints for £35.00 from the tearoom for you to take away with you. The perfect gift for someone moving into or with a long history with the village.

Rearsby 180 dpi - watermark.jpg
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